How We Give Back

February 21, 2019

You Make It Possible!

We started StoryHeights Montessori with three goals in mind:

  1. Provide best-in-class childcare & education
  2. Empower children to soar to new heights
  3. Change the world

And we're doing just that.

While we can't change the whole world, we can remember the poor, hurting and forgotten and change one person's world at a time, and we do this through our give-back program named SOAR.

When you enroll with us, the money you're already spending on tuition and childcare has the potential to impact the world. See below for information about our current SOAR recipients.

The Happy Place is a local non-profit in Mendon, MA, operated by Compassion New England, who serves families whom have children with special needs. The Happy Place is a clubhouse that allows children to come and play and receive care for up to 24 hours to provide their parents respite care. These families often report needing to be able to sleep in, take a shower, go on a date night or just eat dinner in silence. The Happy Place makes all that possible for NO COST to the families.

A portion of your tuition dollars are going to sponsor camps and campers throughout the year at The Happy Place! This makes us SO HAPPY!

One Child Matters is a ministry that works to bring hope, truth, life, love and mercy to almost 40,000 children living in poverty all over the world. One Child Matters works with indigenous churches to help equip these children to meet their God-given potential by providing opportunities for transformational development: spiritually, physically, mentally and relationally.

Through your enrollment, StoryHeights Montessori now has the opportunity to partner with them and the work they are doing across the globe by sponsoring children. We currently sponsor two children that are involved in The Ebenezer Child Development Center, which is located in a suburb of Cap-Haitien, the second-largest city in Haiti. We chose Haiti because one of the largest immigrant populations in Boston are Haitians, and we chose children, obviously, because they're the heartbeat of our organization!

Child sponsorship makes a lasting impact, not only on the children, but on their family as well. Together we are providing nutritional support, medical aid, educational assistance and spiritual care to those who are poor, hurting and forgotten.

Alancia and Vollson write letters and pictures to the children at StoryHeights Montessori, and our children color pictures and write back to them. What an amazing opportunity to develop friendships and compassion for children all around the World.

Our Sponsored Children

Meet Vollson

He likes participating in activities at the center and often prays for God to give him success in school. He and his siblings live with their parents near the sea in a rudimentary block and tin-roofed house that offers little more than protection from the elements. Even though it lacks most comforts and conveniences, it is all this struggling family can afford on the pittance Vollson’s parents earn as a day laborer and street vendor. This gentle, caring boy loves learning in all his classes, and someday, he hopes to become a doctor. For now, Vollson stays busy fetching water to lend a hand at home, playing football, and pretending to cook dinner with friends.

Meet Alancia

She is a kind girl who looks forward to doing writing exercises at school. She and her brother live with their parents in a rudimentary block and tin structure that does not support modern utilities, so they must fetch water from a communal source if she is to complete her daily chore of washing dishes.Alancia’s father is gone much of the day, driving a taxi for a minimal income, but he cannot earn enough to properly provide for the family. Once she is grown, Alancia hopes to serve her area as a doctor. Until she achieves this worthy goal, she is content to spend her time running and playing different games with friends.

The Life Of A Single Mom embarks on the mission to improve the lives of single mothers by providing support groups and education in 3 core areas: Parenting, Finances, and Health & Wellness.

TLSM currently works with a variety of churches of different sizes and denominations, as well as colleges and corporations who want to formalize single moms’ ministries.  TLSM has consulted more than 1,500 churches, community groups, corporations, and colleges to launch single moms’ support groups in cities globally using that original success model, now known as Single Moms Across America. They serve thousands of single parent families annually.  They have launched national initiatives, including Single Mom University and the National TLSM Single Moms’ Conference and are considered the nation’s go-to resource for all things single mom and single mom ministry related.

We believe with them that no single mom should walk alone and they have led a global movement to ensure that doesn’t happen. They are award-winning and fully accredited for our financial transparency by several nonprofit-governing organizations.