About Us

We empower children ages 6 weeks to 6 years to soar to new heights!

StoryHeights Montessori offers early childhood educational programs and care to children ages 6 weeks through 6 years. We are open five days a week except for designated Federal Holidays and professional development days. The school year begins in September and ends in June. A Summer Program is available during July and August.

Each child at StoryHeights Montessori will enjoy a first-class educational program and loving care in an exception environment that fosters a genuine lifelong love of learning.

We Accomplish This By:

  • Using The Montessori pedagogy that inherently recognizes each child as an individual and values and celebrates each child’s uniqueness. Children learn at their own page without artificial constraints based on age or other criteria.
  • Hiring a talented and nurturing teach staff that create and model excitement about learning.
  • Including families in the educational process. Your interest and enthusiasm for your child’s education lets your child know you support this educational journey.

Our Programs

At StoryHeights Montessori, children enjoy a first-class educational program
and loving care in an exceptional environment that fosters a genuine lifelong love of learning!

A cute caterpillar logo for the StoryHeights Montessori Infant Program.

The Infant Program is for children aged 6 weeks through 15 months. This program enrolls up to 7 infants with one teacher for 3 infants and 2 teachers for 4-7 infants. Our Infant Classroom provides a warm, home-like environment in which you baby is cared for with unconditional and nurturing love. The Infant Classroom is based on the principle that the curriculum is what actually happens. Each interaction with the teacher builds trust and comfort, which leads the infant to develop a sense of security, self-worth and competence. Babies who feel secure in their relationships with adults are more likely to explore unknown settings and materials, and explorations is the key to development. Caring and learning take place at the same time as the responsiveness of the caregiver helps build the baby’s trust with the world. Teachers engage each infant in age-appropriate activities that include holding and rocking, singing, story telling, introducing toys, and having the freedom to explore the classroom through crawling and walking. 

A cute superhero logo for the StoryHeights Montessori Toddler Program.

The Toddler program is for children aged 16 months through 36 months. This program enrolls up to 9 toddlers with one to two teachers based on enrollment. Toddlers experience amazing growth in all areas of development including communication, physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. The Toddler Curriculum supports their budding autonomy by allowing toddlers freedom to explore within clear and concise limits. The Toddler Classroom proves the introduction to the four main areas of a Montessori Classroom: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Math. Toddlers spend time each day in individual and group activities. Circle time includes songs, stories, movement and music. Different units are introduced each month and include topics pertaining to science, geography, culture and history. Art and craft activities and sensory explorations allow toddlers to explore their creative side. 

A cute Astronaut Logo for the StoryHeights Montessori Primary Program.

The Primary Program is for children ages 2.9 to 6 years and includes Kindergarten. This program enrolls up to 20 children with 1 or 2 teachers based on enrollment. Optimally, the Primary Program is a 3 year program where a child begins as a 3 year old and stays through Kindergarten. The Primary Program also includes monthly units of stud incorporating science, geography, history, culture, art and music. Circle time allows for group lessons, stories, songs, music and movement. 

Our Values

In order to realize the first-class education and childcare experience that we strive for, we firmly adhere to these core tenets and values.
These are born out of the Montessori philosophy and discipline, and allow us to provide the most comprehensive education and care for your children.

A thumbs up icon to symbolize being real.

In a Montessori classroom children are allowed to fully experience their environment. They learn that the classroom is theirs to explore, maintain, and enjoy. Through real interactions with materials and teachers, our students develop the ability to problem solve, think creatively, use their words to resolve conflict, be a part of their classroom community, and to enjoy the process of learning.

An excited smiley face icon to symbolize being exciting.

Learning is fun and coming to school should be a joy each and every day! Our dedicated staff create learning environments that are engaging, exciting, and full of possibility so that each child is nurtured and encouraged to fulfill his/her individual potential: academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

An icon of a hand offering out to symbolize serving.

StoryHeights Montessori strives to create an environment where children learn to respect and celebrate the differences among us. Children are taught to be aware and mindful of others and to treat each other with respect. We engage in community service activities throughout the school year to further educate our children on how they can positively impact the world around them.

An Icon of a fist to symbolize being powerful.

Knowledge is a powerful tool. Teaching children to do for themselves and to be independent thinkers will empower them to become strong, confident leaders and competent positive citizens of the future. We also strive to create a powerful community of family within our school, providing you and your family with resources and support services.