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Welcome to StoryHeights Montessori Early Education Center

At StoryHeights Montessori, children enjoy a first-class educational program and loving care in an exceptional environment that fosters a genuine lifelong love of learning!

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Early Education that makes a positive impact on the world.
Our Vision

Our vision is to create early education centers that exemplify quality and excellence, elevating families, children, educators, and communities. We do this by maintaining high-quality campuses, and aiming to excel in holistic education that fosters a love for learning and confidence. We offer above-standard pay and benefits to educators and donate profits to nonprofits, improving lives locally and globally.

Our Mission

We empower your child to soar to new heights with our Montessori program, focusing on each child's unique intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. At StoryHeights Montessori all children are welcome. By enrolling with us, you join a community dedicated to nurturing bright futures and embracing diversity. Together, we can positively impact your child's growth and the world around us.

Our Values

We know you have many choices for your child's care, and leaving your child each day is difficult. Choosing the right childcare center is one of the hardest decisions a parent makes. At StoryHeights Montessori, we aim to make it easier. We commit to six values that set us apart. We hope these values give you peace of mind, knowing your child is in the best possible environment with trained professionals who want to see them succeed.

Our Programs

We intentionally keep our campuses small, enrolling only 36 full-time seats.
We have 1 infant classroom, 1 toddler classroom and 1 primary classroom per campus.

Infant Program

For children aged 6 weeks through 15 months. This program enrolls up to 7 infants with two teachers.

Toddler Program

For children aged 16 months through 36 months. This program enrolls up to 9 toddlers with two teachers.

Primary Program

For children aged 2.9 - 6 yrs. This program enrolls up to 20 preschoolers with two teachers.

Our Values

In order to realize the first-class education and childcare experience that we strive for, we firmly adhere to these core tenets and values. These are born out of the Montessori philosophy and discipline, and allow us to provide the most comprehensive education and care for your children.


In a Montessori classroom children are allowed to fully experience their environment. They learn that the classroom is theirs to explore, maintain, and enjoy. Through real interactions with materials and teachers, our students develop the ability to problem solve, think creatively, use their words to resolve conflict, be a part of their classroom community, and to enjoy the process of learning.


StoryHeights Montessori strives to create an environment where children learn to respect and celebrate the differences among us. Children are taught to be aware and mindful of others and to treat each other with respect. We engage in various activities that promote empathy and kindness. We foster a sense of community and belonging that encourages children.


Learning is fun and coming to school should be a joy each and every day! Our dedicated staff create learning environments that are engaging, exciting, and full of possibility so that each child is nurtured and encouraged to fulfill his/her individual potential: academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.


Knowledge is power. Teaching children to do for themselves and to be independent thinkers will empower them to become strong, confident leaders. We strive to create a powerful community of family within our school, providing you and your family with resources and support services.


"Good enough" is never good enough when it comes to how we care and teach children. You'll see this in how we maintain and clean our classrooms and equipment, and how our staff attend to and teach your children. We may not be perfect 100% of the time, but we'll give 100% all the time in order to operate with excellence and do whatever is needed to do right by everyone we serve.


Children deserve the utmost integrity. We don't just talk about making the World a better place; we're actually committed to being the change our World needs. You'll see this priority in the character of our teachers we employ, how we treat our families with respect and dignity, and how we handle our business practices. Our words and deeds will match our motives and intentions.

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